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The Spark of Creation...

Hello friends,

So, where did I leave off, oh yes! A legacy. So, rewind back to 2012 – After my dramatic announcement of writing a book, the realisation started to sink in. I have no writing experience to speak of. My grammar, punctuation and English is enough to get by, but in no means good enough to write and publish a 42K word novel. As you can probably tell by these horrendous blogs - So what did I do?

I started to draw… characters, islands, monsters, creatures you name it, I used to carry around a little blue notepad and whenever the moment took me I would stop and do a quick doodle.

Then, nothing…

I did nothing for about two to three years. Life decided to take its hold and it did and my ideas and dreams about writing a book vanished. Just like that! It was after my honeymoon in August 2015, my mind started to reminisce and think about life. I then suddenly remembered! I was going to write a book.

The next few months I remember being full of researching things. It’s a well-trodden path and pretty much every brainstorming meeting you’ve been in these words crop up – Who, Why, When, What, How etc.

I had the characters, I had the place, everything was written down or in my head then…


For another couple of years, just adding bits to my growing list of ideas and thoughts.

Then December 2017, we all went back to Madeira, and it was there, where it started, that the spark of creation hit..I sat down and opened my notepad and then the words started to flow. I remember so clearly where I was and writing the first few words, Drip, drip, drip (spoiler alert if you haven’t read the book yet). Then it all started to flow.

It was then a case of fitting in a couple of hours here and there in my spare time to write and plan, I just kept going, maybe a delay of a couple of days here and there (sometimes months!) But I was being driven to write. Call it divine intervention Self-motivation whatever, but I then continued to write, untill the story took it's natural stop.

I finished the first draft in March 2019. I then found myself an editor to help me iron out the many, many, many creases all I had to do now was wait…

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