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The prequel to Dylan McFinn Chronicles; published August 16, 2019. Learn about the origins of the McFinn's lineage and why Dylan and his brother are so important to the safety of Maloto in the battles to come.

The lifeblood of Maloto: an ancient mystical gateway to the heart of the island and to the past ...

A young warrior approached from the darkness of the Forest of Shadows and tentatively moved closer to the water’s edge. He knelt, placed his sword on the rocks by his feet, and cupped his hand into the river, scooping up a handful of cold water and drawing it to his mouth.... "This is where is will attack.."

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Mary Yarde

Dylan McFinn & The Sea Serpent’s Fury  By Liam Jenkins is the perfect book to keep your young readers entertained.


It is filled with action-packed adventures from beginning to end. It is also immensely amusing, which is always a good thing when a book is aimed at children.


My nine-year-old absolutely loved it from beginning to end.

Molly D

I would recommend this book to Year 4 and above because I would have liked to have read it and also it's the best BOOK EVER!!


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