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The second Dylan McFinn book in this fantasy adventure series, published in December 11, 2020. Taking off right from where The Sea Serpents Fury left off, Dylan and his brother Axneus are undergoing yet another captivating journey that you won't be able to put down!

Dylan and his Brother Axneus find themselves stranded, licking their wounds on the beach of peanut cove. With no Flying Fish, no Adrian and no SID they're out of luck and ideas. Haunted by his nightmares, Dylan is determined to find his parents. Axneus on the other hand has other ideas. 

As Dylan is whisked away to confront his fears and compete in the Midnight Marauders trials, darkness stirs pushing Dylan to learn how to harness his powers before....

Dylan McFinn Chronicles Book Covers (2).png

Mary Yarde

Dylan McFinn & The Sea Serpent’s Fury  By Liam Jenkins is the perfect book to keep your young readers entertained.


It is filled with action-packed adventures from beginning to end. It is also immensely amusing, which is always a good thing when a book is aimed at children.


My nine-year-old absolutely loved it from beginning to end.

Molly D

I would recommend this book to Year 4 and above because I would have liked to have read it and also it's the best BOOK EVER!!


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