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about me

Hey I'm Liam, Author behind the Dylan McFinn Chronicles


Growing up in Hampshire, England, I very much enjoyed spending all my time outdoors, playing in the park, lots of football, climbing trees and any other boisterous activity!  I always enjoyed reading and making up my own stories, but I was just too busy having fun outdoors to dedicate too much time to it!


However, as I got a little older this changed and I started to enjoy reading more.

One of my favourite authors is Terry Pratchett, I love to read (and write!) and enjoy anything connected with Myths, Legends, Gods and Goddesses.  I am very much up for anything alternative, a road less trodden or less obvious path! 

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I still reside in Hampshire with my wife Jennifer and my well-kept beard (it's all about the quality, none of these chin whiskers!), and have a varied career history from marketing and communications to a self-employed gardener!  We spend our time meditating, being out in nature and travelling.  I avoid all music after 2010 (what even is it?!) and the news (too negative and not always true!)  My ultimate goal is to spend my time writing whilst travelling all over the globe, why do you need to be in one place anymore to do the same work you can on the top of a mountain right? (well, only if the Wifi is good!)

I feel it is important for young people to learn how to be authentic in themselves, and be able to stand up to anyone who makes them feel anything less than they should.  I want my writing to inspire young people to reach out and go for their dreams even when they feel they don't have the courage to.


My purpose is to inflame the imagination of a younger generation so that we do not lose the ability to be creative and continue to think and dream up stories as we get older.

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