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The first book in the Dylan McFinn chronicle series. This series starts out with the sea captain arranging a surprise camping trip back to Dylan's home island Maloto, for Dylan's birthday...

The trip quickly unravels and reveals that he is the key to the return of an ancient evil deity. Unless Dylan chooses to accept his fate it will not only affect his future, but that of the whole human race!

Can Dylan learn how to banish the ancient evil deity, from the Pacific islands and save Maloto?


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Mary Yarde

Dylan McFinn & The Sea Serpent’s Fury  By Liam Jenkins is the perfect book to keep your young readers entertained.


It is filled with action-packed adventures from beginning to end. It is also immensely amusing, which is always a good thing when a book is aimed at children.


My nine-year-old absolutely loved it from beginning to end.

Molly D

I would recommend this book to Year 4 and above because I would have liked to have read it and also it's the best BOOK EVER!!


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