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What's in a name!

Hello friends,

So, I left you with my manuscript at the editors didn’t I?

Well let’s carry on from there…

The months which I wasn’t writing I was researching, learning about the self-published industry and all its expectations and pitfalls. I soon learned that I needed and signed myself up to an online self-help self-publishing course which in the early days was vital and helped me wade through what I needed…and what I didn’t.

This was invaluable, and if there are any budding writers out there looking to dip a toe into this then suggest looking into it. Please comment on this post and I will point you in the right direction.

Then, the fateful day came. An email from my editor popped in my inbox with the amended document of my first draft. I was so excited, I remember opening it up and not being in the least bit deterred by the sea of red track changes and angry comments about my grammar. I didn’t care. There it was, my body of work roughly polished into a story.

I was beaming with pride. It was riddled with changes but I didn’t care. It was my creation and it was a step closer to my goal.

It didn’t take long for that sinking feeling started to seep back in, more work needed, more frustration more homework to do. So, on I got with it. No rest for the wicked is what they say.

So with a couple more months of tinkering, rewriting and rethinking, the 2nd pass was finished and I managed to successfully upload my manuscript onto the world through Amazon.

Now all I needed to do was put my feet up and let the money and gravitas roll in right? Ha ha ha…err no….not quite.

Now, many of you may not know this but Dylan Mcfinn, initially started out as Dylan Murphy. Actually it started out as (Brother Snork but that was soon dropped).

Now, this is a piece of free advice. That if you’re looking to unleash your workings on to the world, then take heed and RESEARCH THE NAME YOU WANT TO USE EVERYWHERE!!

Make sure to check every corner of the internet. I thought I had, but then an unsuspecting email popped up on my newly built website.

“Your character is the same name as mine, you cannot use it”.


Now, the laws state that you cannot copyright a name, which is true however, we were both in the same genre and relatively close in terms of story so I had to take it all down and think of a new name and start again.

That hit me hard. Really took the wind out of my sails and I was so close to tossing in the towel…

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