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So this is my first blog on my newly refurbished website. I hope you like it and the website!

So, I’d thought I would go back to the beginning and give you a bit of an insight on who I am and why I decided to write a novel from scratch, with no real writing experience apart from stints in media communications and PR companies.

For me, it’s always been about stories. It was my Dad who really ignited my imagination. So, every night as a kid he would come in to tuck us in and tell us a story.

He never used to read anything to us. But he would always have a story, a fresh one out of the oven. Every night the stories were different with new characters in each, all doing different things. The only downside is that it was only a ‘one time deal’ the next night if you wanted the same story again. Forget it because, Dad had!

But, it always stuck with me the ability to pull a vivid, imaginative world out of thin air and it’s something that I’ve been honing for the last couple of decades. Worlds will form in my mind, rolling vistas of such beauty would appear that I couldn’t put them into words.

I then became fascinated with myths and legends, heroes and villains from the Roman, Greek & Norse eras. Then when I got a bit older it moved onto Super heroes and Super villains.

But… the inevitable happens to us all, real life comes and smacks us around the face and all your hopes and dreams become doused because that’s what the hum drum is designed to do.

So, after the most wonderful holiday in Madeira, a tiny little island off the coast of Portugal in 2012. The unique landscape flicked a switch in my head that I’ve never been able to turn off since. I stood up from my sun lounger and I announced to my family that I was going to write a novel. Not much attention was paid as I am always announcing some sort of project that I was going to take on. But this time… I meant it. Dylan was born.

I’m going to keep these blogs short and sweet, but hoping to keep them regular. Tune in next time for my next instalment.

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