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Dylan McFinn is an ordinary twelve-year-old with a keen nose for adventure, he lives deep under the Pacific Ocean with his Sea Captain Father and Lapatian Mother (or more commonly known...a Mermaid) in the ancient sunken fishing village Lapatia. 


For Dylan's birthday, the Sea Captain arranges for a surprise camping trip back to his home island Maloto. 


Most teenagers get something memorable for their Thirteenth birthday, Dylan certainly did.


His surprise camping trip quickly unravels and reveals that he is the key to the return of an ancient evil deity and unless he chooses to accept his fate it will not only affect his future, but the whole of the human race!  


Can Dylan learn how to banish Kadavu the evil shark deity from the Pacific islands for good and save Maloto?


But right now all he wants to do is to go home and see his Mum.

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